Hi Everyone,

My name is Kristof and I’m 28 years old. I’ve been working an office job for the past 5 years in logistics. It’s quite a stressful profession but I also like it at the same time. You don’t have a chance to lazy about because you have to be working non-stop throughout the entire day otherwise you fall behind on your work and everything goes to shit. I need that push though, something that pushes me to keep going, keep working and then I do feel like I actually become pretty good at what I’m doing. Something that will push me to keep working and to become better at it.

I’ve been playing poker online for some time now with long breaks in between. I believe I started somewhere in 2009 through pokerstrategy.com and that’s where I got a free deposit and study material to get me going. I started with 50$ and brought it up to around 500$. Then I lost everything by going on tilt in just a couple of minutes although it took a couple of months to get those 500$ on the micro stakes. After that I had a long break and then something inside me realized that I was a fool for quitting and I should give it another try because I felt that I was actually ‘ good ‘ at it. After that I deposited my own € 150 and started playing. Over the course of a year I built that € 150 into € 10.000 by playing 6max ( most of it on NL100 ). After a while I felt a bit depressed in my life. Nothing majorly bad happened but my social life was on a very low lvl, didn’t have a girlfriend etc, .. just very bad overall self-confidence. I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone about poker because it wasn’t socially accepted and I felt awkward compared to everyone else. Although I was proud of myself making that 10K, it wasn’t an amount of money that had an impact on my current way of living and it didn’t improve my confidence in every day life. I felt like my life needed a different direction and I started working and taking a long break from poker.

Now 5 to 6 years later I’ve grown as a person. I’m more confident, I have a better idea of the world, I don’t feel like I need other people’s approval anymore . 5 years of working in a professional environment has thought me work ethics, stamina, focus, discipline, … . A lot of things that I lacked so much when I was younger. During those years poker has always remained a hobby because I love playing it. And recently I started playing online a bit more and the pokerbug bit me again. I want to become good, better, I want to become awesome at this game. I think that’s what I enjoy most in life. Trying to become good at something, a game or a job, and try to beat the competition. I felt I wanted to approach poker more professionally than I did in the past. I’ve been searching online for the best website to learn poker.

I’m here to prove that poker can be a natural and balanced part of somebody’s life. I still work 5 days a week in logistics ( +/- 45 hours per week ), I live together with my girlfriend, I’ve got an active social life and maintain a good relationship with my family. I won’t have time to grind 70hours of poker every week like some people do here. I will only be able to put in between 10hours and 15hours of poker every week and even that will become a challenge. But poker is about the long term, it’s a marathon. I’m not entering this course with my head up my ass. I’ve thought this through. Balancing my work life, personal life and poker. I will work hard on all fronts. And I want to reach the 60K challenge playing 6max while still doing all the before mentioned things. I WILL reach the 60K, there is no doubt in my mind, it’s just a matter of when.

Grtz and gl at the tables