PT3 Tournament Summaries

    • Joronamo
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      I just upgraded to PT3 last week. I dont know how to import tournament summaries on it. Can anyone tell me. I heard rumours that the feature is not available yet. Can someone confirm?
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    • 8979687
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      What Poker site are you playing on?

      With full tilt, it just brings them in auto with the HH files.

      But with Poker stars, I had to goto the lobby and request my summaries.

      Then when My summaries are emailed, I just copy and paste from the
      email to a .txt file and I name the txt file something that will tell me
      what tourneys are in there, to keep track.

      Once I have pasted the email into the .txt file I just drag it into the poker
      tracker 3 directory for auto import.

      Voila all the sumaries are in.