Improving my game and br in 2016. Two hundo to one thousand.

    • RobZomby
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      Hey, i thought i'd give this a go.
      Thought if I could document something of what I'm doing, i might improve and/or get help from you guys.
      I've been playing poker off and on,
      Got all my stars hand histories,
      finished 2014. with profit; busted out at january 2015, decided to lose all my banrkoll in stakes i've never played at. well, started playing again on november[?] of 2015 on a fresh deposit of ~$100
      Started with a few cashes in mtt's thought I might try that. - lost all my profits and a portion of my initial br.
      Now, after december and january deposit promotions I'm at about $200 [ yeah, somewhere about how much i've deposited] ; at the end of 2016 I'd like to make the 4 digits for the first time.
      I love graphs and I guess I'll share some of those with you.
      the story of the graphs:
      Cash games. - well, I used to win in those.. :D no more.

      Tournaments and sng's : sng's are going to be the death of my br If I'm going to play them; mtt's, I've cashed some.. I'm probably trying some of those once in a while. but the graph seems faulty, cause I don't remember having spare $200 to lose on tourneys. ;d

      Trying to play some poker daily. Going to try and update this at least weekly.
      wish me luck and thanks for reading.
      EDIT#1: made these images clickable.
      EDIT#2: made my goal $1000.
      first stop: $250 and another stab at NL5.
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    • T3rMiT3
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      You bluff to much for micros.
    • vonki
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      $100 profit in a year is not a big enough goal imo! :) Go for $1000 and work really hard for it. There's plenty of excellent videos here that can help you get there :)
    • RobZomby
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      Been a week. Time for an update.

      Played a few zoom/cashgame hands fr.
      cash game profits since last update : $0.33

      Tried some tournaments and sng's.
      Tourney profits since last update : $20.92

      Still trying to find the perfect fit for me.
      Played the bounty builder $1.10 yesterday. f'd up majorly. went from ~~ 1/40 to 35/40 in two hands.

      -- the places where orange and green lines go down at the same time the same ammount in image above. --
      Those f ups costed me the tourney, but I guess I should be happy cause I at least turned profit.
      Current bankroll at $212.69;
      edit#1: fixed a tag.