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LastYearBeforeMariage - 500 to 16000

    • Barkn
      Joined: 02.02.2012 Posts: 4
      Value given to the people in Turkey is very low. Both material and spiritual. Most of us have graduated from the best part of the university, we are forced to remain unemployed or working at low wages. I got a degree in civil engineering. Currently I am working actively and charge monthly fees 1400TL (460 $ 420 €). 1300 TL current minimum wage in Turkey. 4 year school I have read and engineers like me only $ 100 has created an advantage situation. This affects my psychology of a lot.

      I have a 4 years I was with my fiance and we intend to get married towards the end of this year. But it is not in good shape financially to do so. I live in Antalya and the lowest house rent 750TL. We need money and poker a very good opportunity for me.

      Our biggest problem
      - Turkey lack the legal poker.
      - Give up my profession.
      - Not being ready to Mental Poker.

      They are taking out, I decided to work as a part-time poker for 1 year. If this one-year period would have opened a new door for myself I could run my own business.

      In poker, the most important part of being realistic target setting. I did some calculations for that.

      4 hours of daily leisure time on weekdays.
      9 hours leisure weekend.

      I'm at home for 3 days during the week.
      Weekend min to 5 hours of poker.

      3 * 4 + 5 * 2 = 22 hours of leisure per week.

      1 hour session weekly review.
      3 hours per week of professional work. (Real Job)
      5 hour weekly sports.

      22-9 = 13 hours per week the time for poker.
      10 hours weekly poker grinder.
      3 hour poker study.

      Starting Bankroll: 500 TL

      -I start to play NL30.
      -750 TL NL50 shot.
      -1000 TL NL50.
      -2500 TL NL100 shot.
      -3000 TL NL100.

      So if i move up NL30 and NL50 in two months i have 10 months to play NL100. With 40 hour montly play i can play atleast 400 hour in NL100. Some calculations result, I decided that 16000 TL target is realistic for me.

      -Build at least 50buyin bankroll for NL100.
      -Earn 16.000 TL this year.
      -Be disciplined boss.

      This title, the beginning of the year I opened another form. Therefore, I have been playing for 17 days. I will try do update here atleast every Monday. I hope everything gonna be alright.

      Bankroll: 1290 TL
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    • BeyazKin
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    • ColorFlusher
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      GL, hope you get married!
    • Barkn
      Joined: 02.02.2012 Posts: 4
      DAY 18

      For now I left behind a total of 18 days. I am happy with how much money I earn, I'm not happy with my game. One of my greatest lack of good jobs going to play silly games. I do not know where that's when I came across it. But now I care about most mental development issues. It looks like at the end of the month to reach my goals. But I will not let that slow me down.

      Monthly Study Goal: 9 (9,5)
      Monthly Grind Goal: 40 (35)

      Starting Bankroll : 500
      Total Rakeback Earn: 244
      Total Profit: 531
      Current Bankroll: 1275

    • Barkn
      Joined: 02.02.2012 Posts: 4
      DAY 28

      Native english people who really lucky. I'm trying to understand it better poker. I have to find words I do not read every page before then. I'm having problems in terms of time becomes a split status.

      Ever since I began to see poker as a profession, it's incredibly expand the horizon. Treat Your Poker Like A Business the mental part of the book I just finished. A boon for people like me who had problems in the mental sense. Certainly brought my game to a higher level.

      I was successful at a level previously, I live downswing affected me. With pokervariancecalculat, I'm told that you need to look at a big part of the picture. Now extract the important points of my game to a higher level every day. I worked hard for it. If necessary, I will sleep less.

      I'm on my targets on a monthly basis. Even if I put it on I might put bigger goals for the next month.

      1. 40 hour grind. 51.8
      2. 9 hour grind. 14.5
      3. NL 30 15bb/100 winrate. 15bb

      Rakeback: 360
      Profit : 315
      Bankroll : 1177

    • Barkn
      Joined: 02.02.2012 Posts: 4
      DAY 39

      "It takes five minutes to learn but a lifetime to master."

      What does this promise is so true, I knew when I started this a challenge. Operates, I feel like I know nothing for granted. Before I started to develop myself mentally. 'Treat Your Poker Like a Business "I finished the book. Then the 'Poker Mindset' I started reading. As soon as I came to the mental half of the book I realized that I came to a good level. My aim now to download myself the micro level. Because I need to play my game simple. My goal is to play by reading my books Blackrain to simplify some more. NL50 not go as I expected at the moment. I made too many mistakes. But the only thing that delights me so I can double my safe despite all this stuff. Now I'm simplifying my game more goal to move up my chart.

      Rakeback: 540
      Profit : 60
      Bankroll: 1100