Study group on Skype for 16/25/50 NL Zoom

    • ferrari1f
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      Hi all,

      I'm looking to join a study group with players who are playing on the 16/25/50 NL 6 MAX level. I started to play online again on 10 NL, but I expect to move up again to 16 NL pretty soon. I've been playing and beating 16 NL and especially 25 NL in the past but I decided to switch to live poker back then. However, now, I'd like to start over again and move up to 50 NL.

      Someone who already has such a skype group, please comment and PM me.

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    • Pistoleroo
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      A bit odd to make a skype group that consist of only players playing higher stakes than yours.
    • ferrari1f
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      With all respect to micro stakes players who are playing 2 and 5 NL, but it will not help me in improving to where I want to go. I've been beating and crushing 16 and 25 NL over decent sample sizes (400k hands). It was 1,5 years ago and the games became tougher probably, but still. As I said, I'm looking to be surrounded by players of the same skill level. And that means 10 NL+.

      Because I feel like "forced" to show. This is my sample from the last almost 3 weeks:

      As you can see, beating 2 and 5 NL is not the problem. Even 10 NL should not be the problem, although I've been running not all that good resulting in only a relative small win rate.

      So to be clear. I'm looking for players who are at this level and are ready to move up to 50 NL within the coming months. I'm playing 10 NL at the moment but this has some private reasons which I don't want to get into detail here. Once on Skype, we can get into that. :f_cool:
    • mansellboi
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      add mansellboi to your skype :)
    • alanfeltan32
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      muy bueno
    • LuckyManFromLT
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      Hi, I'm interested in this group, playing NL25 zoom, add me on skype mantaspiliponis
    • KnowWhyStarted
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      currently playing nl16 on stars, if there a place pls add me :) Skype: meskis19