Holdem manager

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    • SDK1987
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      Hello dooleslovs

      You can check your hand history, but I’m afraid it’s not possible to use tracking tools like HM2 en PT4 on Unibet anymore since they introduced the new client.

      Off course now everyone deals with it so that could be an advantage for you as well.
      If you have more questions about it don’t hesitate to ask it.

    • tmannie
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      I deposited with Unibet today.. I have played 2 tournies and placed well 3rd and 11th , it is refreshing to play on a honest site . I was on the point of giving up on internet poker and only playing brick and mortar. My observation of how the hands( mine and the other players) played out is that they are very similar to those at brick and mortar games, where you can see the cards being shuffled and dealt. I say it is an honest site because if you stick to the pokerstrategy.com teachings you have a fair chance. At the so-called big 5 sites ,as I have learned ,playing good poker only ensures you will lose by way of constant ridiculous bad beats . I only hope some big company doesn't ever buy Unibet out and convert it into a con site.
      Thanks Unibet , I haven't enjoyed internet poker for quite a while until today , its got nothing to do with losing its how one loses
      Thanks again