Christmas has past but we can still make a miracle happen. A kid needs our help!

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      I am pokerstrategy member from the Romanian community, and i`m calling out all poker players that feel they may help a child in need.

      First of all excuse my english mistakes in advance. I`m gonna try to be as brief as possible, so here it goes:

      I found out about a 3 years old child (Cristian Andrei is his name) in my hometown (Iasi that is) that is suffering from an aggressive form of leukemia and after doing chimo therapy in 2 hospitals in romania with no results the doctors gave him 2 to 4 weeks left. His only hope now is a clinical trial treatment in Cehia but that cost 80k euro. The parents managed to get a deal to pay 60k first so they can start the treatment, and now are stuck at around 50k, so they need asap 10k more. The moment they will get this 10k they will leave for Brno. If you are willing to help, in this LINK you will find the news that was on TV. This is one of the biggest TV stations in Romania, so i assume you can rule out scamming and other stuff. Also, for the same reason i ask you to send the money direct into the accounts found on that page below the video news, i will not post a skrill or pokerstars id (but if a moderator or really trusted member wants to do that and collect from the ones that are too lazy to do a wire transfer it would be much appreciated, in fact i will ask a friend that is a moderator in the romanian comunity to do that).

      For any questions please use this thread, i will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Any amount matters 1$ + (if the bank allows you to transfer that..).

      Thank you!

      Good luck and good health! :club:

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