3bet in BB vs. 3bet in SB

    • opal99
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      Call me blind, but it took me few months to realize that 3betting range vs. steal attempt (=HU with raiser) should be loser in SB than in BB... :rolleyes:

      I always thought I need better hand in SB as I have to pay more to 3bet + there's still 1 player behind me to wake up with Aces (or any capable hand), but closer look at approx's chart (yes, after x months I use it...) opened my eyes. :) There's no exeption from this rule (i'm talking about table 5) and our 3betting range is wider no matter if we play against LAG or TAG..

      The only possible explanation is that there's good chance to have more dead money in the pot, but it applies only to HU postflop situations; right?

      Can you please tell me what to do with 1 limper + BU iso raise in SB now? If limper is very lose, BU makes iso + steal raise by one bet - can I count lose limper as 1/2 - 1 SB dead money, or should I tighten up significantly?

      Thank you for any suggestion :)

      Yay, I found another leak in game :D
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    • Yoghi
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      I would leave out hands like A3o-A7o, A2s-A5s, 22-44 or something, and be more inclined to 3-bet JTs, T9s and such hands against the looser players.

      Lots of times the limper won't fold, and if he calls Ax will be some part of his range, so you should avoid getting dominated.