[Edited] Poker Grind Time

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      [Edited by Lazza61] doesn't feature on Poker Strategy much for some reason?
      I've been grinding since just before Christmas and turned £25 into nearly £100 via microstakes cash games, I know that's not a massive amount of profit but it's a start for me.
      [Edited by Lazza61] seems to be quite a loose site with a lot of fish at the micro stakes, I have money on 888 too but might withdraw that.
      Is it safe to leave unused money on 888 or should I withdraw it?
      I have nearly £100 on [Edited by Lazza61] and $110 on 888, just interested in people's opinion should I just bank the $110 or should I deposit it onto [Edited by Lazza61] to increase my bankroll?

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