Limit holdem player turns to SNG/MTT

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      Hello everyone

      I am a 46 year old guy from the UK, though I spend quite a bit of time in Eastern Europe at the moment (not poker related). I have been around on Pokerstrategy off and on for a long time but I have never introduced myself. I was a successful limit holdem player back in the day - mostly the period prior to Black Friday - but I took a different direction and no longer had time for poker. I spent some time on limit o8 after that, where I was doing OK but not well enough to really beat the rake.

      After hardly playing at all for a couple of years I am now back learning how to play SNGs and MTTs. I am very much a recreational player in 2016 but I'd like to learn to play them as well as possible. Who knows, maybe that big win is just around the corner! ;)
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