Proper Bankroll for SNGs MTT and MTTs

    • Immanueldk
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      Its soon february and I would like to start a new BR up, but this time I really want to follow my BR 100% so I know what to play and what not to play.

      I am looking for advice BR vs Variance, in the different sizes of SnG MTTs and MTTs
      Is there a way to calculate that?

      I have been thinking about something like this with a $100.

      MTTs SnGs
      $0.50 45 man Turbo (100 BIs) ($50)
      $0.50 90 man Turbo (150 BIs) (>$75)
      $0.50 180 man Turbo 200BIs? (>$100)
      $0.50 360 man 300BIs? (>$150)
      $1 45 Man (100BIs) (>$100)
      $1 90 Man Turbo (150BIs) (>$150)
      $1 180 Man (200BIs) (>$200)
      $1 360 man 300BIs or is this to conservative? (>$300)

      Big fields 1000+ 200BIs? or would 150 BIs be good?
      $0.55 The Big (around 3500 players) How many BIs?
      $0.55 The Hot
      $1.10 Turbo 6 Max (around 1250 players) How many BIs?
      $1.10 The Hot (more than 4K players) How many BIs?

      How can I calculate, which Tournaments to play? I dont think that 1% of BR is okay comparing small fields <1000 vs large fields >1000

      How does my chart look like at $0.50>$1 BI level?

      Looking forward for good answers, and can't wait to start up again from the bottom, and on my twitch channel
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    • SDK1987
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      Hello Immanueldk

      Your BRM seems to be good, but there aren’t any $1 360 mans SNG’s on PokerStars. There are only 10c or 50c of these variant or I missed the $1 games.

      I would use for the 1k+ MTT fields what you are planning to play a bankroll of at least 300 buy-inns to kill the swings that you can have in those games. Especially in the turbo and hyper MTT’s the swings could be huge.