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Keeping calm at live poker? Tips?

    • rubberduckie000
      Joined: 12.09.2011 Posts: 177
      Soon i'll be returning back home to Perth after a long trip away, and im wanting to get started playing the cash games at our casino. I have quite little experience playing live, the few tournaments that i have played several years ago i was always quite nervous and probably didn't hide my emotions that well either. I'm just wondering as a live poker newbie does anyone have tips to keep calm, or a certain book/video regarding posture and possible live tells? Thanks
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    • StruxXx
      Joined: 18.12.2015 Posts: 87
      First and for most you have to feel comfort with the stacks that you play. That money should never ever be part from your realtime spending (aka bankrole). When you get the feeling that its all more or less a piece of plastic, or better to say, your tool to win some extra money you'll feel much better and relaxed. It takes some time to get that feeling or to get that money. So dont play the stakes that you can not afford to play.

      Besides that you have to be confident in your gameplan and knowledge bout the game.

      On the nervousness side, well.. Even top poker players have higher heart beats when they are in big hands and it is very, if not impossible to control. Only thing that you can control is the manifestation of that adrenaline rush that is boiling through your vanes
    • pappadjango
      Joined: 23.07.2010 Posts: 108
      smoke a big fat joint and you will be calm as a cucumber
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