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    • milandvb
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      Hello ,

      My Account NETELLER is closed ( frozen ) over a week ago, I call support via phone and they tell me that account is closed due to security reasons and is under review by Investigations ‫‎Department

      The Investigations ‫‎Department the have send to me an email Contains questions about my account and i have answer all questions by email

      And I've contact Investigations ‫‎Department without any response for more than a week

      I've contact Emails and phone with no response

      I am extremely annoyed with this. I need this account to pay my bills and it has been almost 1 week since the initial communication!
      I have complied 100% with all requests by neteller and no one has bothered to do anything about my account.
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey milandvb,

      Welcome to :welcome:

      It sounds like you are doing all that is possible. All you can do is to keep trying to get a response.

      Keep us updated

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