small problem

    • Kruppe
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      Elephant sucks.

      ok, this isn't a small problem. It's a pretty big problem.

      I mean it's just so bad. I need to get HEM or something before Elephant makes me injure myself or kill someone.
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    • Vucko018
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      Elephant is not so bad man ...don't speak that ...its program who is in developing process, and us that is good.
    • LuborC
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      as was alredy mentioned it is a work in progress so you can hardly expect it to be perfect.. It is entirely useless for me at the moment since I play SNGs and Elephant doesn't support SNGs yet but I think it has great potential. If you are not satisfied with it you can swith to PokerTracker 3 which has 60 day trial and by the time it expires you can try Elephant again I bet it will be so much better then..