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Chip lead 3 handed

    • PotBox
      Joined: 12.01.2016 Posts: 44
      I ran into a spot today that I really had no clue how to deal with.

      There were 3 of us left in a 9-max and I had a slight chip advantage. I had 6000 chips and the other 2 had 3000 chips each. The blinds were at 150/300 making us each have 10/10/20 big blinds. Normally when villains end up getting down to under 10 BBs it's fairly easy to put on the pressure but this spot was slightly different. Both of them were in the same situation so they weren't looking for each other to bust. I also didn't really have the stack size to be able to take a hit in a marginal spot.

      So my question is what would be the optimal pre-flop strategy in this situation. Should I be raise fold/calling most hands or just open jamming?
      I'm guessing it would also depend on the types of opponents. In this situation I was dealing with villains who would either call a min raise or fold, barely ever reshipping. These guys literally called raises even if they were down to less than 5 BBs.

      There are really two scenarios I'm looking to get answered.
      1. PF strategy against the player types explained above.
      2. PF strategy against the player types who would either fold to a min raise or reship.

      I'm also wondering whether I should err on the side of caution or play slightly more aggressive here. Once one of them becomes the short stack I feel a lot more comfortable but this spot was really awkward :f_confused:
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    • robwa
      Joined: 01.02.2016 Posts: 13
      1. If villains like to call minraises (/dont like to call pre=felop), which will force you to almost always play a flop with a SPR of 1:1.5 I would just jam the weaker part of your shoving range and minraise all your monster-pairs (provided with the information above this should not be exploitable since villains are likely to be unaware of this)

      2.Versus only push/fold players, depending upon their reshoving range lets assume its~25% (pretty wide tbh) you can just minraise ATC profitably.