Exclusive Jackpot Giveaway

Win a share of an estimated $450,000 Super Jackpot on 12 February.

PKR are saying goodbye to their exclusive Jackpots in style by hosting an estimated $450,000 Super Jackpot!

From Friday 12 February, PKR Games are replacing their exclusive Jackpots at with a whole new set of games meaning that all remaining jackpot funds must be paid out!

If you’ve been playing PKR's exclusive Jackpots you’ll know that there’s a lot of Jackpot cash waiting to be won. If their exclusive Jackpots haven’t been won by the time they are retired on Friday 12 February 2016, five lucky players will hit the Jackpot with a huge cash prize in a random prize draw.

How can I qualify?

Every player who has played any qualifying game since the last jackpot for that game was won will receive one entry in to the Prize Draw.

You can earn more Prize Draw entries for every additional $1 you stake on any qualifying game during the promotional period. Stakes made with Free Bets earn Prize Draw entries too.

What can I win?

We will combine the remaining exclusive Jackpots to create a huge Super Jackpot prize pool, estimated to be $450,000!

Five lucky prize draw winners will win an equal share of the Super Jackpot which, if the Super Jackpot ends up being $450,000 could be a $90,000 cash prize per player! Prizes will be awarded in $2,500 monthly instalments which could mean years of free fun, rent or mortgage payments!

Which games qualify?

You will automatically earn 1 entry in to the Prize Draw for every $1 staked on any of the following qualifying games during the qualifying period.

PKR's terms and conditions apply to this promotion and may be changed at any time.

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