Starting to improve !

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      2016 has been a successful year for me so far. I used to play chess when i was younger i like to play games that make u think. Recently i started to play online poker and i kinda fell in love with it because it' s a complex game although doesn't seem like it at first. Poker feels to me similar to chess in some way.
      For some players poker is just a 2 cards in your hands, combinations and 3 buttons to press - check / call / rise. After i lost my first small deposit in pokerstars i started to understand that poker is not that simple. To be successful u really need to get in head of your opponent and try to make best decisions. But i did not give up, tried to learn from my mistakes. I put my time in to :

      -Learning principles, how to play against different opponents.
      -Studied the game, watched a lot online coaching sessions.
      -Now i'm started to read Hansen's book about poker.

      After doing that i made another small deposit and felt like i'm improved a ton.
      I played ~2.5k hands in past two months on pokerstars low stakes cash game 2/5c blinds. So far i have tripled my bankroll now i'm up almost 60$

      I know i can learn so much more, and i will definitely do that, hopefully i'll be able to play medium stakes at some point and make more profit.
      So... be a better person be a better player, study the game u love and u will succeed. Wish u best luck on poker tables !
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