MTT final table - always close to 1st but yet not enough

    • bah22
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      I just played 30K guaranteed on Stars.

      PokerStars Tournament #127699560, No Limit Hold'em
      Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00
      4815 players
      Total Prize Pool: $48150.00
      Tournament started 2008/12/27 14:00:00 ET

      Dear bah23,

      You finished the tournament in 7th place.
      A $963.01 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

      I think i played the tourney well...but everytime when i am close to the first place and didn't win i feel disappointed and it is not all about the money. I have a bunch final tables in tourneys with good prize pools but always finish 2nd - 7th. Probably cause i am competitive person and try to improve my game. But in the end of the tourney is about a little luck. I hate when i got busted by a bully who called my all in with the worst of it.

      Anyway I just wanted to share it with you, guys. If someone else felt like this too please join in this thread! :)
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    • curnow
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      there are ways to play final table & to take advantage of having a bully on your table or becoming that bully

      the 27/45 man sng are great way to learn how to play final tables as are single table sng and playing loads will make playing the final table the easiest part of any MTT

      any MTT is all about changing gears and knowing when to step it up & when to sit back and its all about building a big stack so to spot the weak players to steal from & ride out the times when you are card dead

      becoming the table bully involves creating the image that are just lucky and call with anything but are picking on players that are weak & that are tight and only playing good cards

      making a -ev call because you had felt that the positive ev you would gain later in the game, if you win the hand, outweighs the negative ev of the specific hand. this will help you creat the image of the bully

      if there is a bully at your table then us him to take players out and only take him on with big hands and try to wait untill its heads-up against them & you will find even with 4-1 chip advantage most are easy to beat
    • delete461
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      I wish I had that problem too
    • timukasr
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      With me it's usually opposite :D . When I make it to final table (which I have about 5 times in bigger tourneys) I haven't finished under 3rd place. But this daily 30k success is great, keep it up and you are millionaire in no time!
    • grummeler
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      yea same here :D
      i finished in 2nd places many times the last weeks.
      (not last week, this was a fucking bad weak :P )
      but if you reach the final table it IS luck, because you have to shove so often preflop and the 50/50, 60/40 situations arrive so often that you will need at least some luck to finish #1
      without some sort of luck @ some point you will never finish #1
    • bah22
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      Thank you for the replies!
      It is not that i haven't won a MTT. I have a lot of 1st places but in a smaller MTTs. But in the bigger ones were the first place is more than 4000$ it is a luck involved too. Usually i play TAG and most of the times i am one of the short stackes at the final 4th or 5th is not that bad finish.
      Anyway i am content of my play but it hurts when u get busted by a bully who called u with any 2. :)
      Next time i will get em!