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100k Star coins to $100k

    • Maartinss
      Joined: 05.10.2010 Posts: 100

      This will be my first blog and big challenge.
      Ty Pokerstasrs a 100 000 Star coins!
      Try to make out of them the most value what I can!
      I have a ChromStar staus right now so it was 0.15% chance that I could win so much! Not even a 1%. :)

      So far have 5 options:

      1) Buy VIP cash rebates
      - 100 000 = $1000
      10 Coins are $0.1c

      2) Play SnG Hyper 6-max Star Coins satallites

      3) Play on Sundays only Sunday Million Star coin satallite
      Round 2 for 1000 Star coins
      1000 Star coins = $10

      4) or if dont get from 2nd SM round to 3rd, buy-in direct in 3rd for 4000 Star coins
      4000 = $40

      5) Wait tor VIP Bash satellates

      Soon (in May) probably will be SCOOP, and definitely must be some good Star coin VIP Bash sat.

      Since I'm MTT player, first variant definitely are -EV for me so I will try to mix it up - some Hyper SnG, Storm R+ sat, 1000 Coins SM sat. and wait for good VIP Bash sat

      Star Coins Balance:

      Challenge starts tonight!

      I will try post daily update.
      GL at tables.
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    • Malendes
      Joined: 03.04.2011 Posts: 971
      Congratz on the coins :f_thumbsup: I have only heard from four people (incl. you), and 2 of them got 100k coins in the challenge... maybe it is bugged :pcuser:

      Good luck with your blog and challenge :milord:
    • isais
      Joined: 29.10.2010 Posts: 3
      GL! GL!GL!
    • Maartinss
      Joined: 05.10.2010 Posts: 100
      Results from 1st day:

      Start with 100,989.12 coins

      1) x6 SM Mega-Path [Rd 1/3] for 75 coins =-300 coins
      2) x3 Sunday Storm 5+R [x2-turbo] for 110 = -110 coins
      3) Bigger $5,50 sat. 15+R [turbo] for 30 = -30 coins
      4) Bigger $8.80 hyper SnG [6-max] for 294 = -294 coins
      5) Sunday Storm hyper MTT [6-max] for 150 = +25 coins
      6) Sunday Storm hyper SnG [6-max] for 1101 = -1097 coins/+T$11.00
      7) Sunday Storm for T$11.00 = -T$11.00 /+$69
      8) SM Mega-Path [Rd 2/3] for 1000 = +4000 coins
      9) SM Mega-Path [Rd 3/3] for 4000 = -4000 coins
      10) Bounty Builder $7,50 SnG hyper for 250 = +T$7.50
      11) Bounty Builder T$7,50 = -T$7.50/+1.71 KO

      97,749.12 coins
      -3240.00 coins

      p.s. if someone can tell me how can I post my played MTT in chart here be great.
    • Malendes
      Joined: 03.04.2011 Posts: 971
      If you have some sort of third party software tracking your hands (HM or PT), you can create charts in those programmes and then screenshot the graph and post it.

      If you dont use one of those, you can opt-in at Sharkscope, where you can see a graph over your winnings in MTTs and SNGs.

      Good job on day 1 :f_thumbsup:
    • Maartinss
      Joined: 05.10.2010 Posts: 100
      Update from Day 2 and Day 3.
      Played around 22 tourneys and SnG hyper sat. together.

      Coins Balance from start: 100.989,12 (-5600)

      At the end of sessions:

      Star Coins baleance: 95.389,12 (-2310)

      Real money: $72.65 (+$1.81)

      T$ money: $20.90 (+$20.90)

      Plan for next sessions:

      1) Keep playing SM Mega-Path [Rd 1/3] sat.
      2) Hyper SnG sat. to micro and low MTT up to >$11.00
      3) Buy-in direct to MTT up >$1.00