$1 sng's on titan

    • brazyd
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      I chose titan to start with my $50 starting capital and i am currently playing the $1 sng's there but it seems i am not able to beat them :evil:

      I read the articles, watched the videos, followed some coachings, read books ( moshman and harrinton ) and I am pretty sure I am playing it right.
      I use the icm trainer regularly and that is going great, I use sng wizard to analyse my sessions afterwards and it seems I tend to make the right decisions at the right time ( most of the time that is, here and there a mistake according to sng wiz and yes I adapt the ranges of the opponents ^^) but here is the things: I keep on losing money at a steady rate :rolleyes: I can't find what i am doing wrong.

      Is it even possible to build op a BR at those low stakes at titan? I think the rake is also killing me ( 20%) and the awful players... I think those players should be positive towards my results since they suck but a lot of the time ( I would say about 20%) I bust out because they make an impossible call and then ofcourse suck out and profit of their stupidness. I know I should have my suckouts from them to, but as I look at the situations in a relative way I must say they win a lot more.. I am always thinking, it is just a downswing or something like that, it will get better, but the evil keeps on coming my way X( . I think about playing back at pokerstars, where I played before joining pokerstrategy, those situations occured a lot less there..

      Does this explanation make sense?
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    • Puciek
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      If you loose after bigger sample fo games, then you are not playing it right.
      And yes, 1$ on titan is very easy beatable.
    • NickParkes
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      Hi brazyd

      Sounds like you are doing a lot of the right things.... the one thing I recommend is also posting a lot of hands in the sample hands forum... particularly with hands that you get knocked out early with...

      It can sometimes take a while but the low limits on titan are beatable... I got my starting capital there and that's where I started... was struggling to build at all and even went down to the 50c+10c games for what seems like for ever...

      Remember, you never stop learning,