Goal: to beat NL5 SH

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      I will start my second blog ( first one went pretty bad ;( ). Now I am with new energy and motivation! Going to work hard on my game to eventually reach my set goal. In my previous blog I was donking around in NL2/NL5 zoom tables and didn't work on my discipline to play seriously. Now in the first place I am going to work on the discipline, strictly hold to the plan (the plan is simple: we kill batman :f_cool: ).
      This blog will serve me as motivation and mental support to play my A poker game. No more donking, no more tilting, no more excuses! I know that I can do this.

      Now more serious about the plan:
      Playing on PokerStars.
      Starting BR: $100
      4 - 6 tables NL2/NL5 SH regular tables.
      >$100 NL5 tables
      <$100 NL2 tables
      Short sessions 350-1k hands per session.
      Keep up with session schedule 20:00 / 21:00 EET (depends when I arrive home after work)
      Try to play every day (at least every day when I don't visit my woman :f_love: )
      No more excuses not to play poker session (like: nah maybe later I want to play WoW or SC2 for a while after that I can start poker session...aaaaaand it is 00:00 time to bed, tomorrow I need to get up early....)
      Post sweaty hands into hand analysis thread for suggestions how to play that particular spot
      Post graph of my progress as soon as I earn bronze status (now too lazy to register into other poker site... :f_zZz: )
      Regularly update my blog
      And last but not least - Beat NL5 SH limit 10bb+/100 in 50k+ hands sample

      Let's mooooove out!
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      Good luck to you! It sure is doable goals.

      But keep in mind, that setting monetary goals (also bb/100 goals) in a pretty swingy game can cause a lot of tilt! It's better to redefine your goals a bit!

      Best of luck to you anyway! :f_thumbsup:
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      Thank you for stopping by :)

      Actually, in my case setting goal (bb/100) is rather more reliable method to deal with downswing and tilt. After my huge upswing I encounter downswing, it usually leads to bad decision making and eventually tilt. But when I look at hands played and my winnings I understand that I need to be 1 Buy-in per 1000 hands (it is the ideal case, could be much less and still good). This boosts my self esteem, spots where opponent wins with his 3 or 2 outs don't bother me at all.
      I don't know how it is for others, but personally for me setting this goal helped to deal with downswings and tilt. I tried various methods, like taking a break, ending sessions etc. etc. but in the end I ended up tilting or was not sure about every action at the table and couldn't play despite the fact I was still in profit and tilt appeared from the thin air.
      I will update my progress at the tables 1-2 times per week, so I won't be too cocky about my upswing or too shy about my loses.
      Well this is my style, lets see the results in the upcoming weeks.

      Cheers :f_drink:
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      Here comes Week No. 1:

      Took a shot at NL5. At first it was not bad, but after 3 sessions my BR went from $120 to $91 and had to lower my limits to NL2.
      At NL2 I feel confident so managed to recover all my loses and even made some "profit" :f_cool:
      To motivate myself even more, I decided to withdraw 50% of my each week winnings, if it is too low to cashout I will convert it to other currency, so It will be clear for me what is my BR and how much I have reserved.
      The grind must go on!

      Sessions played: 6
      Total hands: 2997
      Weekly profit: +$6.05
      BR: $103.05
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      Week No. 2:

      Again took a shot at NL5. With BR $120 switched to NL5 and again busted 3 buy-ins :f_mad: Well I guess I shouldn't switch all 5 tables to NL5 rather mix the limits. This week I plan to mix NL5 tables with NL2 tables, this way I hope I won't risk a lot of my BR and mixed limits result in softer sessions. My plan is to replace 1 table per every 10$ above $100 BR. In example: I play 5 tables during session, so at $110 BR 4 tables NL2 and 1 table NL5, at $120 3 tables NL2 and 2 tables NL5 and so on. Week No. 3 will start again from grinding NL2 tables :f_zZz:

      P.S. I plan to get bronze status soon, any ideas how to post pics? :f_o: :f_ugly:

      Summary of second week:
      Total hands: 4981
      NL5: 738 -$17.00
      NL2: 4243 $14.33
      Sessions: 11
      Profit: -$2.67
      BR: $100.2
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      Here is my second week results. I mixed tables so stakes are not shown correctly tho :f_zZz:
      I hope to improve this week :f_drink:

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      Week No. 3:

      Well this week I didn't play a lot thus not a big difference in BR... To achieve bronze status at Pokerstrategy I took free money offer at partypoker ($10). Well I don't have any plans for Partypoker because of low traffic so I decided to play NL10 with my 1 buy in BR :f_rolleyes:
      Games are sooo soft, I can't believe that ppl actually play like this at NL10... 4 out of 6 players will limp from any position and play any two cards they have. I was like WTF?! So I saw an opportunity to get some $$ from these players even felt sorry for them at some point. I think I will bust my BR at partypoker sooner or later (considering the fact that I play with 4-6 buy-ins at NL10 :f_ugly: ), so Cashing out 30% of profit right now. Lets see how long I can survive with such BR management :f_biggrin:
      Pokerstars for serious grind, Partypoker just for fun and luck I guess.
      Nevertheless here are results of whole week on both platforms:

      Zoom 6-max: 660 hands -$8.61 (Yes I know, I shouldn't play zoom :f_confused: )
      Net won: $4.66
      Cashout: $2 (50% of weekly profit)
      BR: $102.77
      Total hands: 3940

      Hands: 1160
      BR: $62.97 (cashing out $20)