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      Hey guys, I'm Bruno a 20 year old student from Brazil currently living on the Netherlands doing an university exchange. Came here to the forum as a way to improve my game and to hear from players about the psychological part of the game like players' lifestyle, mental control, etc.

      I started studying the game and playing it seriously in March 2014 after one of by best mates started making some money, well I was smarter than him on school so I thought that it could not be that hard. I played one year on the local poker club (initially 1/2 and then 2/5NL and MTTs) and managed to make a good profit before coming to my exchange year, but of course it's all gone now. Did not play any poker since arriving on the Netherlands for multiple reasons, but mostly because I was tired of pretty much living poker every single day for a year and wanted to enjoy my time away from home. Now I'm coming back on July and realized I probably can make some good money as the brazilian currency is at its lowest value comparised to the dollar. Deposited $100 and started to play NL5, now 15K hands later I'm with $225 playing NL10 and expecting a lot of poker this year, and gotta say, more motivated than ever. Hope to improve my game w/ the discussions and share with the community as much as possible! Cheers
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