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I'm not a superman, I'm just a journalist! SmartSpins up to 100$, (fb paste)

    • kerieone
      Joined: 15.08.2008 Posts: 529
      Hi everyone, I've been blogging on Polish PS, but I moved to facebook (Link) for some reasons. Nevertheless some of my viewers don't use this shity time waster, so I decided to write here as well. I will paste my FB stuff here mostly. So maybe quick pill who I am.

      My name is Clark and i'm having fun with Spin and gos now. Back in the day i used to play HUSNG, now proudly repping SmartSpin both as a player -playing 100$s Spin'n'Go games - and as a coach over in that best poker school!
      In my free time i play a lot Table Soccer in Polish National Team. And i'm current country champ! Sue me if You don't like beasts.
      As you can figure from my cover, besides poker this blog will be about adoring my girlfriend, diet and proper suplementation.
      This blog will have 2 faces. One - where i'm being solid, eating healhy shit and taking care about good relationship with my girl. That's the boring one.
      Second one will be about all the spots where im being fueled by sea of booze and drugs and i will think that im fucking John Travolta in 'Saturday night fever'.

      I really improved in diet, sport and my postflop play this month. I lost about 5kg and planning to loose 10 more.
      In the next few days I will try to copy more interesting fb posts. You can find some stuff about my daily routine, trips and healthy shit. Stay tuned!
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    • kerieone
      Joined: 15.08.2008 Posts: 529
      Last month I focused mostly on diet and sport. I have a deal with my gf, and if I fck up in some point I have to send 100$ to her ex. That's the only motivation has ever worked for me! :D

      So summary of the last 20 days of January when I've run with my fb...

      a) Poker
      - played ~70 hours (I would love to play 20% more next month)
      - conducted ~20 hours of private coachings for SmartSpin members!!!!!!!!! I love this result! Emotikon smile
      - conducted 4 hours of group coaching for more than 20 people
      - solved ~20 hands on our poker forum - room to improve next months
      - improved my game tremendously in terms of theoretical understanding of poker, also fixed some leaks;
      b) Cocaine - not once
      c) hookers - let's say none.... my gf might read it Emotikon smile
      d) Sport and diet
      - I weigh 91,2 so I dropped 4,5 kg! - looks like not a killer resault, but considering the fact that i started off with woooopin' 106kg in summer i'm happy with that for sure
      - sport activities are on! 4 times a week without excuses! I made a bigger progress with squash in these 21 days than in last 3 months.
      - sticking with diet - 8,5/10... cheat day fucked up my rythm and for next few days i went out of the diet zone a bit
      - booze - just once, but damnnnn...


      Yestarday I watched some coachings and added one table, so it was paid off. Time to come back to 100s this weekend!

    • tolari
      Joined: 02.11.2010 Posts: 761
      a must follow! :D GL sir!
    • Neurolinguist
      Joined: 12.05.2009 Posts: 17
      indeed indeed
    • kerieone
      Joined: 15.08.2008 Posts: 529

      Probably my best squash day ever! I cought balls which I've never before, and I lost with my coach 11-13, 10-12!
      After 1,5 month of analysing, improving my postflop skills I came back to 100s, and I feel the powa! Bakudranski's coachings are insane!!!!!!!!
      Weight-in in 4 days, after gym, bike and squash. Below 90 kilos one time! Keep fingers crossed!

      A lot of people ask me how it is to be staked. Is it worth to get yourself into staking deal?
      I consider being my cooperation with SmartSpin as a best thing that happend me pokerwise in my life lately.
      First of all, the amount of poker knowlage that I have access to, made me 200% better player, every month I'm making a progress as a player and a coach that I never observed before.
      Secondly, peace of mind and not giving a single fuck about $$$ swings. I feel like I can focus more on my game quality when financial result are not my problem - I think that every pro/aspiring poker player would apreaciate that and it helps tremendously for sure. Also - I'm playing stakes where I belong skillwise, not BRM wise -> that helps to progress way faster as a player when you aren't forced to move down becouse you just spend 3/4 of your BR on legendary party.
      The last thing is financial one. I don't care about huge amount of buy ins for spins kept in my cashier, so I am doin cashouts less often but with bigger amounts, instead of frequent cashouts with few bucks. And monies in pocket are much woth than monies in poker client!
      In consequence, my dreams about flat and owning restaurant in few years are more achievable goals!
      To sum it up - faster learning curve, more money, higher stakes, bigger poker ego!

      Corutiebee's crushing me at 600$ game :f_cool:


      Session saver! 100s welcome to
    • kerieone
      Joined: 15.08.2008 Posts: 529
      2 more to weight in!
      Last month I've been working on my small blind play, and I see it's paid off! :milord:

    • kerieone
      Joined: 15.08.2008 Posts: 529

      Hello "8" digit... We haven't seen for years! So fuckin happy! 80 till the end of a July looks achievable!
      P.S. 888 poker could sponsor me now!
    • Rufus433
      Joined: 20.08.2010 Posts: 459
      Gl, nice progress man. Just remember to keep going after the 80kg mark. I did something similar last year, one bet was to lose 10kg in 5 months and another one to keep it under for the rest of the year, so i would suggest for you to make another bet, if you ever fall over 80 you have to send that money to her ex anyway so you always would be in form and by that time it would be a part of your lifestyle, because as you know gaining kg is way easier than losing them. :f_biggrin:

      If you dont mind sharing, what was your biggest leaks that you have fixed in your SB play? Seems a bit unusual that your HU BB> HU SB.