tough to take a break , what to do?

    • Suboptimal88
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      It takes around 20-30min to open 6 good tables if its prime time 10-12pm(europe) and 1hour+++ other times of the day , the problem is that its so hard to find those tables that you have to commit and play a big session with no breaks 4+hours, i used to play zoom where taking a break and opening a table was so easy but regular cash is tough in this manner.

      Any advice how to endure 4+ hours session? how can you occupy yourself and take some stress away?
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    • SDK1987
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      Maybe good to tell what kind of limit your playing on PokerStars. Then it’s easier to help you.

      If I would play cash games I would use the easy seat option. Then it’s easier to find good tables I think: