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      Hello guys, ask anything related to PartyPoker.com anytime - you will get correct info anytime ;)

      About my Poker play:

      lost about 650 USD on different 4 different Poker rooms, played many freerolls and never got on a final table of a MTCT :)

      Actually this is what keeps me going I want to win a big tournament or a freeroll hahah anything if possible which is related to knocking out 10 People.

      In other words I play loose, call your blind and stealraises and I get too loose quite often - play well for a 40 minutes and in the next 4 I go berserk with all-ins : )

      Hope I will get some friendly advice in future and maybe one day win a freeroll organized by PokerStrategy.com.

      Cheers mates : )
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