PS Bounty Bilder more fishy?!?!?

    • dizzydanny
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      Hey everybody

      just wanna check my personal experience and opinion about the Bounty Builder MTT`s at PS:

      In my opinion even at the High One`s (88, 100, 44...) are more fishy players than in any other Super Knockouts / Progressive Knockouts MTT`s..

      What do u think? and if yes what could be the reason? just because they aremarked red as specials?? ,)
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    • Malendes
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      Bounty Builders have one of the softest fields at Pokerstars. Usually it is the tournaments which are getting advertised, where the less experienced players go. A good example: Sunday Storm and Sunday Million both are very soft compared to other $11 and $215 tournies. If a fun player have $215 to play for on a Sunday he would never pick a regular small field $215 tournament (or regular tournament compared to a Bounty Builder). He will always pick the Million.

      It is just like products in the real world. If the consumer doesnt have any experience with a certain product category, he is going to pick the product which is best advertised - the product that is top-of-mind.

      Also it is often in these tournaments (Bounty Builder, Sunday Majors and so on) where the prizepool are much bigger, and where the dreams are bigger.