FL Blog: From 21$ to 1000$

    • bigfishXXL
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      How am I ?

      Well, just normally 26 yr old guy from Czech Republic, who love poker, challenges and also I am a man who must improve my english skill, just like poker skill. So here I am.

      One year back I played FL poker but only limit 50 and i was break even player. And because i love challenges and we have here FL poker player pro so I said "why not try my own race from 20$ to 1000$ like a Corey?". For sure he is professional and me only bigfish with XXL size, but why not. So again, here I am.

      Starting roll: 21$ (First difference)
      PS Status: Bronze Star (Second difference)
      Limit: FL10

      Wish me luck
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    • karisek
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      Hey, you are back. Good to see you in action again. :f_drink:
    • bigfishXXL
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      Hello guys what news ?
      I played very few hands, because I got some real life stuff, birthday
      celebration ( I got my first bonsai :D ) and so on. For this week I will not
      post any graph because i played less then 1000hands. This week we can call it "warm-up
      week #0), but I reach chrome star status ;) ..

      This limit I play for the first time, so I need get used to, and ofc I need
      remember how play this game :D ..

      Ok, plan for future week is:
      - play 10 hours
      - watch some FL videos

      Profit from Giveaway all-in freerolls - 0$
      Roll: 21,08$
      PS Status: Chromestar
      Limit: FL10

      Today i will play 100M Celebration - play 100 real money hand - izy and play 1000 real money zoom hand on NL10, I will play ABC poker... I hope I will win more than I lose :D .. I know its a totaly bullshit play NL10 witch 20$ roll, but Iam a gambler so what !

      2karisek: thx, for this time this will be more fun way than past, but its FL so never know ... :D