Hello guys, i got Jan Heitmann coming into my stream for a Talkshow.

We talk about his background. Good and Bad experience with Poker.

How can Poker influence a young person in good or bad ways.

In Norway they start with E-Sport classes,would Poker be a good Subject as well?.

We will play some Hyper Heads Up to raise some money for my Project

At the end of the show i will ask him all your questions in a Q & A

Know i wanna know if not only German people would like to listen . So please give me some Feedback if u wanna have the show in english.

Also u can Post here what u wanna know from Jan , i will ask him these questions in the show.

The Talkshow will be here on that channel. http://www.twitch.tv/charityigoesiweb

The show will be end of next week and there will be a rebroadcast.

Thanks for the Feedback.