Worried about safety of my ID....

    • amatas
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      I have propertly passed the quiz and want to start playing, but i need to send an ID to you, but i am little concerned about my personal data. How well is it handled and by which regulations do you deal with personal data of your players? Has anyone had problems with it?

      Thank you!
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    • Puciek
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      You can blank most of stuff in basic graphic program, all they want is some basic data liek name age and location. Personaly i've blanked my ID, PESEL, signature and so on so for any scam its close to useless.
    • Chiller3k
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      Hi amatas,

      your personal information is handled and kept in confidence. It will not be passed to others. Storage is needed for security purposes only. Your personal data can be seen by authorized personnel (e.g. to verify ID copies) only.
      But as Puciek thankfully already you can blank the (for us) unimportant information out.

      Best regards,