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Anniversary Sunday Million Satellite Strategy

    • bobo09
      Joined: 18.10.2012 Posts: 13
      Hey guys,

      Just wanted to know your thoughts on this, what would be the best strategy for this 4max shootout satellite?

      I tried going for Spin&Go push fold strategy, it seemed the best approach since blinds are so high. Haven't gotten much luck so far, always been ahead until I get rivered. It doesn't seem like an option to try to call and see any cards, since I'm gonna be crippling my stack if I don't hit anything.

      Any suggestions are welcome.

      Thank you! :f_drink: :f_drink: :f_thumbsup:
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    • profimaximus
      Joined: 26.05.2010 Posts: 110
      Two days ago I finished 2nd in this SnG :(
      But yesterday I won a ticket :)
      First 3 rounds are easy. I had no problem to pass them Specialy fround 1 and round 2
      But final table is hard. When I finished 2nd, one player knock out other 2 players in third hand, and then he forced me to play push or fold all time. I lost with AKo vs J6o.
      When I won I was very lucky. Most important hand for me was when I won with A5s vs A8o.
      Keep playing. You have a lot of opportunites to win the ticket. I played approximately 35 SNG's to win a ticket.
    • bobo09
      Joined: 18.10.2012 Posts: 13
      I will definitely keep trying, but have yet to establish a proper approach, it seems rather based on luck more than skill.
    • bobo09
      Joined: 18.10.2012 Posts: 13
      Hey again,

      So I managed to get into the final round once, and played some more.

      Here's what I have so far:

      First 2 rounds
      If you are first to act, raise 3 blinds with any pair or AK,AQ,AJ,KQ.
      If you are not first to act, call with AK, AQ, AJ, KQ, push with any pair.

      Post Flop
      Whenever you hit top pair on the flop, go all in.

      Don't bluff, try to steal blinds only with strong hands.
      If you are in the big blind and you don't have a strong enough hand to raise/push, check and see the free flop.

      Round 3 and 4
      Take advantage of your position as much as you can, each player that has made it so far will play tight, so you are in a good position to steal blinds.
      Push with any of AA, KK, QQ, JJ.
      Expand your range if you have the button to suited connectors 67s +

      All in with any top pair.

      Measure your opponent's hand, act accordingly if someone raise before you.

      That's all I got so far, gonna keep trying. Good luck at the tables!
    • RedHeater
      Joined: 08.10.2010 Posts: 223
      Can you give a quick summary of the structure? How quickly are you getting down to 25 or so big blinds?
    • bobo09
      Joined: 18.10.2012 Posts: 13
      Shootout 4 rounds, 4-max tables (basically spin&go format)
      Start with 500 chips (10 BB)

      3 minute / level
      SB / BB / Ante
      25 / 50 / 10
      50 / 100 / 20
      100 / 200 / 40
      200 / 400 / 80
      300 / 600 / 120
      400 / 800 / 160
      600 / 1200 / 320
      ... and so on