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      I had various charts from various positions how to play vs UTG. But they looked like incomplete and I did not understood logic, like when I have 3bet vs UTG chart and not having calling vs BB vs UTG, so why specific hands are 3beted. And I always were forgetting, becuase not often the situation comes BB vs UTG.

      So I tried now make it bit more simple - I took good players chart examples, and mixed with what I had and I have ending result this:

      Now I can see it in whole picture and vs UTG from all positions - easy to remember.

      Oh btw BB vs UTG I can call AKo and AQo, because it will be heads up pot.

      I think bluf to value 3bets ration should be 1:1, but at micros, I guess since they do not play back that much, I have more bluffs.

      What do you think?
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    • bonecore
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      nice that you work on ranges.. keep it up!
      my 3b btn vs utg :
      bluff: A5,A4 ,AJo and KQo (half combos - only if one card is a heart :) )
      value i go QQ+

      however there must be some conditions to 3bet this way... 50% value 50% bluffs
      for now i use this range if people fold to 3b 51-64%
      i'm just working these days at what are the conditions to use what ranges... until i know more i do it like this

      PS: would not 3b AQo because it is not weak enough to call and it is not a clear value 3bet