Hi, I am Florin, a Romanian player who struggles through the microstakes. I fight with an addiction of speed/zoom/rush poker and I really don't know how to get over it. I tried the ipoker but I lost to bots, i tried 888 but I lost, and suddenly, I started a month ago to play zoom at 2NL. I know, everybody say that Pokerstars has hard games. Well, I don't think so. I beat 2nl with 8bb/100, and 10 days ago I started 5NL. I never thought that is such a huge difference between 2nl and 5nl at zoom. I wanted to be break-even or 2-4bb/100 in first month, but Miss Fortune didn't agree with me. Everybody is afraid of downswing when you move up a limit. Well, I got fked up... I wonder if you find fold PFR to KK+ at 5NL or fold KK,AA on flop when the villains are some aggresive maniacs with 3bet 12-15 from blinds. My game suffered because I was afraid to extract value with my completed hands, but was all because of too many set under set, flush in full house and other. I watched some nanonoko zoom sessions on youtube and even him said that he can't fold set or straight on river just because river was a paired card. When you are commited, you just jam it... I put here the hands that ruined my Bankroll in 10 days. I start again today with 2NL...what should I do to beat 5NL?...And why is such a difference from 2NL and 5NL at aggression and at number of players? At 2NL there are 1600, at 5NL are 700-800 and at 10NL are (again) 1600. Is something wrong with 5NL? I accept any suggestions....(Quitting is a good one, but I can't...)