Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh! Damn it, damn it, damn it!

Hmmm, kinda helps...

I've just took some bad beats in the last session and started to tilt a little, so I decided to take a break from playing and stop losing money, I didn't also wanted to swear&curse around at home so I've created this thread to steam off a little. Swearing is still better imo, but I have to think about my family also :) .

It's so annoying when you don't even make mistakes (or at least big ones), but things just aren't going as they should. I just keep getting trash hands, my KK only steals the blinds and 9 ppl fold to me when I sit on BB with aces. On the other hand my AKs runs into KK and so on. The positive side is that I was able to escape form some of those situations, that's the only thing I'm happy about in today's game.

Well, this thread looks kinda useless, but it really helped me to calm down :) . Feel free to post here if you feel it will help you save some $...
... or ignore it
... or remove it if it's spammy :P