I have the odds to call ....

    • elrio
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      I heard Grummeler often said i have the odds to call that preflop shove of the shorty.

      Now i would like to now something more about that kinda situations. So how does it kinda work? When do you have the odds to call a shorty whit a certain hand.

      Do you guys base your odds to the odds of a hand against another certain hand. Ex. Pair vs overcards (Like we can read in harrington books).

      Grtz elrio
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    • grummeler
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      so to go threw all the possibilities is close to impossible.
      but if he hold a reasonable hand like suited connectors, two high cards and so on and the push of the shorty gives you 2:1 or better you just have to think about calling.
      if this doesnt brake your chipstack, or your tournament status, you have to make the calls with good odds.

      with 2:1 odds and a hand like 89o you have to call a smalstack.
      because against his range you are better then the 33% you need.

      the 2:1 rule is somehow very accurate, because against a smallstack who is desperate you should have a wide shoving range.
      and therefore, if you get 2:1 pott odds you might call with a hand weaker then avarage.

      suppose you hold 28o in the big blind and your getting 2,5:1 odds because a small stack pushes all in. then the following acours:
      if he pushes 33% of his hands youhave 30% equity against this range. so your call is a good call based on pott odds.
      because in the long run this call EARNS you some chips

      of course there are situations where calling would be a mistake, but the 2:1 rule is really good to deside if you call or not.

      with better then 2:1 odds iam willing to call (if this ends the hand) with any two cards because againstthe all in range im doing good with calling.