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      Hey guys, new to the forums here. I am returning to poker after a long layoff, and want to give it another shot. I have played alot over the years, starting in 2007 but always recreationally and got in my own way alot and tilted off more balances than I care to remember. I am starting from the bottom, and hope to build myself up from the 2nl and 5nl stakes on up through. I enjoy all forms of poker not just NLHE, with PLO actually being my favorite, but I am very out of touch with that game.

      I am starting this blog for accountability, and to use it as a learning tool to improve my game from the ground up. I plan to use fairly nitty bankroll management and while I can reload if needed I would rather not. Just reintroducing myself to the game, trying to build good habits and eliminate bad habits.

      I am starting at 128.15 cents on stars. I will be starting by playing zoom, my current preferred game. I will be playing 2nl and 5 nl, until at least 300 dollars in the roll, and from there we'll see. I may add in the occasional sng or mtt down the road, but for now my main games will be zoom 6max.

      I will be back with some more details soon. Looking forward to getting to know some of you on the forums.
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