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      Hey, guys! My name's Ignas and I'm a student from Lithuania, just got 20 years young. I've been playing poker occasionally for the last few years and haven't really gotten in-depth strategy, information about the game. Just not that long ago I received a very unexpected gift from a girlfriend, Lou Krieger's book, and started gathering info, all tips I can get about the game because the game started to grow on me. Just few days ago I was still in the place where I lose everything I win, but i started using smart bankroll management and things started to look better in my bank balance in PartyPoker and PokerStars. (For that I have to thank this site) The economy in my country is on hardcore mode and it's really hard to find a good-paying job even to live through a month, so I really hope that in a period of time, I could learn not to only lose in poker, but to invest in bigger earnings.
      Came here to learn all I can about poker, even though some important and general things (for example calculating odds & outs) are still difficult for me to get used to, understand or use in practice. Hope to learn everything little by little and become a great poker player, because this game is becoming a passion for me.
      I like playing tournaments, yet all info I find on the internet is for Cash Games (the fold-fold-fold strategy), so if there's any way you could help me - please, don't be shy!
      Thank you for taking your time to read this. :)
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