When to move up in limits

    • SalamiandCheese
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      I've been playing fixed limit for about a month now and it's been going well. I bounced around on different limits at different sites for a couple weeks before I settled into FL-SH .25/.50 at the site where I'm tracked, Mansion, and have played there for two weeks now. Winning at a nice rate of 5.85BB/100. Here's the charts...

      Running good for about 5k hands.

      I have about $1300 bankroll - actually I"m thinking of downsizing it to about $800 so I'll have a bit of savings come graduation in May. I'm thinking of jumping up to FL-SH 1/2 very soon and play there with 300 BB's. It's a bit aggressive but cashing out a fair chunk makes the thought of it a bit easier.

      Comments, anyone?
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    • Harold1
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      Does envy count as a comment? :D

      I'm playing fl50 FR, "grinding" I should say. Switched cuz I was tired of all the sss players at the same table at Mansion, I like fl much better, when did u decide to go to SH?

      300 BB is recommended for FR but I think u need more for SH?
      I'd watch out for that.
    • Waiboy
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      Hey Salami

      Really nice chart - good to see the PS strategy can lead to smoking the micro limits. :evil:

      500BB is recommended BR for SH levels, although I note some guys, like opal99, use a higher buffer playing at $2/$4 before moving up.

      I guess it really depends on how you cope mentally with variance and how capable you are of moving down limits when it hits.

      If you are comfortable moving up and down limits as required then I'd go with 500BB and play at $1/$2 - moving down if you dip below the $1k mark. If you are going to go with a $800 BR then definitely just move to $.5/$1 as a first step - don't play above the BR you've mentally assigned yourself otherwise you run the risk of playing with scared money if you hit a couple of losing sessions.

      Good luck with whatever you decide!

      I'm on the cusp of going to $.5/$1 SH at Titan (been dipping the toes into the SH waters at $.25/$.5) so look forward to seeing you at the SH tables somewhere!
    • opal99
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      Hi SalamiandCheese;

      I agree with everything Waiboy said! Don't risk your earned money by over-aggressive BRM as it's not worth the risk. You're good player (you must be, even >5 BB winrate is huge upswing ;) ), so I believe you can go up very quickly with "standard" BRM too.

      What's the difference if you play 1/2 now with 400BB or you move "just" to 0.5/1 with 800? You'll have $1000 to move up after only 10k hands with 2BB winrate, what can be done very quickly. Those few days won't change a lot in you poker career, so don't rush and go step by step. Everyone will force downswing sometimes and it's just worse if you're playing shorter then you should. Imagine you'd lose 200-300BB (it's standard SH downswing): how many limits would you have to move down to survive? If you play on 0.5/1, you can stay on that limit even after such big downswing...

      Just my opinion ;)
    • Yoghi
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      I recommend you to play every limit aswell, the gap between 0.25/0.50 and 1/2 is pretty big, and the money is 4x as much aswell, which might give some problems you don't expect now ;)
    • SalamiandCheese
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      To anwser Harold1's question, I didn't play FR limit, I decided to skip that since I'd rather not deal with 7+ players in a pot. ; )

      I've decided to just move up to .50/1 and play that 'till I have enough to move up and I have 5k hands at the new limit. I'm still a little inexperienced at fixed limit so I think it's better to run into the inevitable problem or two at a limit where I'm adequately bankrolled with 500BB's+ at.