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      First and foremost, thank you for all of your work with this website PS'ers, it has truly helped me alot even though I have just began checking it out!

      I'm Joacim and I am 26 years old - a poker beginner from Sweden who have entered the Texas Hold Em world. I have always loved to play in all kind of forms and structures so Hold Em suits me well. Cash games is my favourite type of game right now but I try to learn in tournaments as much as I can.

      Right now Im in a critical economic situation so I hope there are some solutions available for me right here so I can start stacking some chips!

      If you have some tips regarding playstyle, what types of games I should play from the beginning or some good info about no deposit bonuses, you can contact me.

      Good luck all of you!
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      Hello Joacim,

      Welcome to Pokerstrategy and many thanks for the kind words.
      What ever your skill level Poker Strategy has lots of great articles and forums to help make you make the most of your game.
      A good place to start is in the strategy section 'poker for beginners' found here
      For NL it is worth working though NL Beginners Course - Overview found here
      PS also host a great video tutorial section for many different games and strategies found here
      Though out the year there are many challenges where you can win status upgrades and other prizes.
      There is also a TaF (Tell a Friend) promotion scheme which will reward you money to help build your bank roll or buy tools with!
      Many members also have there own blogs to help them track there progress and experiences, for example a good place to visit is the 'Learning to win' forum found here
      When running a blog, you will profit from the following advantages:

      • By documenting your progress and career you will increase both your motivation and endurance.
      • You will work on your game automatically by discussing tricky spots with other members.
      • During a downswing you will profit from psychological support and encouragement.
      • With time passing by you will get to know a lot of cool people and even build some friendships.

      And when you feel ready have a look at the Bank Roll Challenge Get Rich or Die Tryin' - The Bankroll Challenge - Opt-in now!

      If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

      Good luck at the tables.