Fish become shark

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      Hello everybody!
      A short presention:My name is Alex,21 years old from Romania,student to Applied Mathematics in Sweden,first year.As you noticed(my profit picture) I support Arsenal.I like as well fotball and tennis.Addicted to coffe (4 or 5 mugs/day) and cigarettes(not so many 15 max/day).My favorite movie/serial: Doctor House.
      I'm openning this blog with the hope to become a better person.I wanted to open a blog for a long time but now I catch some courage(I pass a exam for which i studied only a few hours).
      I know that I must improve a lot of things in my live.Now I did'nt have any schedule so I don't know on which way I I NEED A CHANGE or more changes.
      My first goal is to have a fix schedule,is very important for me to make this changing and I hope to success.In general I want my schedule to have 3 hours for study every day without the lectures from university(I learn very quickly but I must be focused) my problem is i become bored very fast in last period,I must resolve this problem..I don't want to say that I don't need help with the lectures(if someone from here know Java please contact me:D )
      The second goal is to improve my english.If I made some mistakes or exist an expression when I wrote please don't be shy replay the forum:D .I want to dedicate one hour every day where I can learn basic phrases and study grammar(academic writing).If you know a site or a book which can help me please replay.
      This 2 things I want to change in my live(the important one),to be focused on university and I want to succeed.Momentary I don't have any job,I searching something for summer.I forgot to tell that I can speak and write in swedish.(I'm done with the elementary school and I will start the next level this month).-I think when you are in a foreign country you must respect them and try to speak in their language.
      Enough with my live let's talk about poker(we are on a poker website)..I started to play poker with friends and I liked..
      For 6 months I'm playing on PokerStars.My graphic is terrible,up and down-->click...but I want to succeed in personal live and why not in poker(this is another reason to opening this blog).I'm thinking to play SNG and MMT from 0.5$-1.5$ three hours every day...My curent bankroll is 71 $.
      I want also to read a book about poker every month and watch 1 or 2 videos every week to improve my poker game.In general if I know that exist also a Fold Button I don't have troubles.
      TARGET:150$ till 31 march 2016.After this we will see:D .
      If I will succeed with my schedule I know that I will succeed also with poker.

      So my goals(in personal life and poker)
      :club: 3 hours studying(university)
      :club: 1 hour english
      :club: 3 hours poker
      :club: 1 book about poker every month
      :club: 1/2 videos about poker
      I will post every day if I respect or no my schedule plus some hands from poker.

      So,let's start and have fun!

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