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      I've been playing NL10 fullring now for almost a year. The first 3-4 months went okay : 57K hands with 6.4BB/100 as winrate

      since then I played +/- 100 K hands with a winrate of -0.52 BB/100

      And as a matter of fact, I don't have a clue anymore how to play because I'm running into nuts hands like 90% of the time for the last 7-8 months.

      I play 15/11/5 as stats the last months but every reraise on almost every street seems to be the nuts.

      I'm trying to 3bet more and play more aggresively but there's almost always a tight player or Reg with a big hand.

      Also my sets are not running at all. I'm like hitting 1 in 15/16 instead of 1/7 and that's a big hit to my game. people say I must not complain about it or focus on it but it's extremly annoying if it keeps hgoing for months like this.

      So I wanted to ask people who play NL10 FR what there winrate is over a decent sample + their stats if possible.

      It looks to me very hard to get a good winrate at pokerstars NL10 FR at the moment. Maybe it's my game but I find it hard to change things when you get beat almost every time.

      sorry for the negative attitude but I want to learn and move on but I'm stuck at NL10...

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      I'll post it later my winrate, graph and stats for NL10 FR @ Pokerstars, I'm not at my computer ATM.

      I have 2 tips for you, it's not warm water, but just a reminder:
      1) Always improve your game regardles are you winning or losing ATM
      2) Table selection – play 2-3 orbits so if there aren't week players just leave and find another, don't be lazy by sitting with regs and tight players


      Edit: Graph and stats