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Calling 20-30bb 3bet all ins

    • thesundancekid
      Joined: 09.05.2011 Posts: 151
      Hi guys,

      I am getting constantly getting 3bet jammed with villains 20-30 bb stack sizes.
      and I find myself folding alot to the 3bet jams bcoz its PRE bubble or PRE ft or in some part of the tournament and I have about the same stack size or if i do call and lose the flip its for 1/2 my stack or more if I lose the flip.

      Now I know that and have for years its pretty standard to jam mostly PP's with 20-30 bb's bcoz you can get the opener to fold alot and I actually do it myself alot ,giving the position of the play/to resteal pots/who the opener is stack size etc/stage of the tournament /fold equity ETC,ETC,ETC.

      Now the hands i tent to be opening folding to these 3bet all in jams are hand like..Q9s J9s QKo KQs, A9-A10o AJ aqo small and medium pockets sometimes AKo ..

      I have mostly folded these hands bcoz I put villain 3bet jams on meduim PP like 66-99s ( mostly i am right ) and I dont want to lose most or all of my tournamnet life on a flip.... but of course they can be doing this with ace rags and some broadways ...and there good players knowing fold equity and they can maybe push you off or hope there flipping with your ak,aq etc with there PP's.....

      so my question is if your opening hands like I have mentioned like a10o ajoaqo ak etc or 99 or would youi call for your tournament life to these 3bet all ins ?
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    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 37,360
      In all situations it depends a lot if we playing pre-ante or with antes in play and how aggressive the 3better is. With antes in play I’m more willing to call with ATo than without antes in play.
      If we play at a final table it also depends how the stack dynamic is and then it’s more complicated to give good calling ranges on a 3bet shove of a villain.

      Hopefully this helps already a little bit, but if you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask them.

      Best regards,