PokerStrategy's awards!

    • zubrils2
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      So a thought came into my mind - could we make some kind of PS awards? Like in many other disciplines all around the world. We should pick a group of people(admins and coaches mostly but it also can include black members) who r active in PS. Then that group of people will vote in disciplines like for example - best nl coach of the year, best nl hand evaluator of the year and so on. I had a suggestion in mIRC channel that users should vote but I think that it will only create chaos and instead of that we could make some disciplines where users vote, like - worlds best tournament player of the year, worlds best online player of the year and so on.

      In addition there can be disciplines like - the most succesful PS player of the year, the most hands played or the biggest growth of a player etc.

      Please post ur opinions or suggestions here. Let's start a new tradition which will bring fun and extra attention to hardest working people around! (some prize pool would be nice too)

      Thank you!
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