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      Are the any other cases like mine :) Hello,sorry on my poor english speaking :) My problem is that i made account on NetBet poker room thru Pokerstrategy and pick they offer for free money.Firstly it was all ok,I received mail in which they tell me that I just have to wait couple a days and I will receive the money.After that I received mail in which they tell me that i will not get money due the technical problems..Poor and sad explanation just like my writing in english :) :)
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      Hey kretenko111,

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      The best thing to do would be to open a ticket with our customer support team. If it can be fixed, they can fix it.

      Just scroll to the bottom of the page (after clicking the link above) and click the + sign next to "Open a new ticket'.

      While you're waiting, why not take a moment or two to Introduce yourself! to us properly.

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