I was just wondering if I could get some help with a spreadsheet im working on for my weekly homegame. Its a pretty nifty spreadsheet with a ranking ladder, graphs and worksheet for each season. Everything is formulated with functions so its all automatic.

The thing i need help with is the overall standings. You see, my home game is sort of like a league. We have season, and in each season it consists of 10 regulation round single table SNGs, 3 cash games included there in the mix, and then a grand final. In the end, the top 6 ranked players qualify for the season finale called Battle of the Champions. We have just completed season 2 and will commence season 3 after new years (7th of Jan) and would really love to get the overall standings up and running for season 3.

If someone is an excel guru and is interested in having a look please contact me here and i'll send you the attachment seeing as i dont think i can attach files in this forum.

If you need any help with it i.e. you dont know what things mean or aren't sure with something either email me or message me in this thread. Also, if you have a homegame of your own, feel free to use my spreadsheet as a template - just change the names and data ofcourse.