Hy my name Viesturs and I am from Latvia, Riga. I am 21 year old second year business student. I started playing poker on September 2007. In the beginning I was playing nl10 and some micro sng's, but in October- twp month after started playing I won 6$ satellite to 65$ rebuy 175K guaranteed and won 427$ and actualy it was very bed for me because I started to overestimate my playing skills and so it was hard for me to improve my game because I thought I am super player now :D so there was only break even and tiny loosing sessions. I joined PS in February of 2008 and my game improved. I played at Full tilt poker and managed to build my roll from 50$ to 170$ in about 1 month, playing by BM, but then I started to tilt and lost it all in 1 day and it is my biggest problem- I am emotional and take downswings very seriously and also let troubles in my personal life affect my playing strengths and it makes me tilt. I can't tell the exact numbers but I think that I have tilted away about 5K in my whole career, but I am still have profit in total so I can imagine how happy person I could be if I don't do tilting at all :) So the main reason why I started this blog is my willingness to learn to control myself and try to minimize tilt.
I love MTT and HU SnG and I am planing to play only these types in future. About MTT. My biggest achievement is 6. place in 40K gt 3$ rebuy for 1367$ I will always remember my last hand I pushed KK against AQs and there is Q in flop and Q in turn. I have bought Kill Everyone by Lee Nelson and will start to study it hard in next January. Actually I read 1/3 of this book before playing my best MTT and I guess it helped :)
About HU SnG. Well these are the main reason for word "Cruel" in the name in my blog. I started to play HU sng about a half year ago and was doing great in 1$ and 6$ but somehow lost interest and started to play standard sng. till one day there was terrible downswing in Pokerstars 6.5$ sng's I had built my roll from 20$ to 200$ and was very confident by my play but then pokerstars decided that I don't deserve to win any hand any more. I was playing 4 tables in 5 min I got delt AA 3 times. you will say, that it is great but actually no because all 3 hends lost to trash. Lost a lot hands where I my op was dominated and. had about 10 coinflips and won only 2. I tought Ok it is poker it is just downswing but next after next hand I went crazy. It was bubble with one clear chipleader and 3 shorty's I locked to my 66 in SB and pushed, guy with equal stack calls showing 33 flop is x6x so far so good but then there is 3 and anoather 3 X( and it was to much for me. I started to play like crazy till I had 60$ left. And I registered in 55$ heads up and played like mad man played hipper aggresive and destroyed my opponent. And then I did it again. In the end of the evening I had won 6 55$ HU sng in a row. of course it was upswing of course it was wrong but I understood one thing- if I had right BR then I could beat this limit because I was better then 4 from 6 of them and equal with 2. Next day I decided to play 33$ hu sng with my new 300$ BR that was 3 times smaller then necessary and won with suspicious call on river and then he started to trash talk me and challenged me to play in a higher limit I agreed and we played for 55$ and he continued to insult me and managed to win, then we played another and he won again and I started to tilt and lost whole BR. after that I decided to stop playing hu sng and turned beck to standard sng's
1 month ago I started to play in new room called Towergaming which offers great bonuses I deposited 100$ and started to play 5.5$ sng because lower buy in sng's had only 2 places paid. I was playing 5-8 hours in day and playing 4- 6 tables and built my roll to 260$ I collected so moy bonus points that who knows if this platform would be tracked I would be platinum now :P But I understand that 5-8 hours in day is way to many and I can't keep my A game. So I couldn't see progress any more and stuck to 260$ for about 4 days and started to hate sng and decided to give HU sng a try and guess what it worked just great. I started with 11$ sng and beat it hard with ROI between 15% and 20% that is sick because 10% is very good. I played my a game and could easy get reed on my bed opponents and they was indeed bed. I moved to 22$ soon and figured out differences between these limits and realized that both are bed but in different way op in 11$ was to tight but in 22$ there was crazy aggressive and was willing to play bottom pair with all stack. I built my roll to 807$ ( there is included bonuses) and was running hot. I planed to start my blog when I had 1K roll and would be playing in 33$ limit BUT yesterday things weren't so good as I planed.
Yesterday. First of all yesterday actually was my 21. birthday. I decided to play a little bit of poker in my birthday and managed to burn all my bankroll. Yes it is true, what a nice birthday gift to my self. I started as usual with 22$ limit which I can beat with no doubt, lost 3 in a row with bed beat and simply couldn't stop playing I made my tilting record. played like madman, made a lot "good" bluffs and didn't payed attention to opponents playing style. In the evening waked up playing 109$ limit with my 400$ BR and whiskey whiskey buttle next to me.... built it up to 670$ but of course didn't stop because I was already lost my mind. You can check my nick in sharkscope it is "vieska" and you should look it in onegame network first 600 games is standard sng where line falls down in 750 game it is where i am starting to play 22$ limit and yesterday starts in game 800...
OK this is not a blog where you will hear another losing player writing "Bye poker" If I am brave enough to share my experience and I am brave enough to hear your critic then I am also brave enough to start it all again and pay price for my mistakes that in this situation is full month of hard work. I have 22,06$ left in my account from bonuses and I will start from 1$ HU sng and will climb up according to BRM ( move up when I have 30 and move down with 20 buy in left) I know it is agressive BRM but I but I belief I can handle it. Yes, right now I don't have full 30 buy in but I worst scenery I will deposit another 30$ I will try to updite my blog every day but can't promise that it will be as often becouse my session is coming and I will have to do some lerning.
This blog is New Year promise to my self and I also hope that oathers will learn from my mistakes. I have a faith in myself and hope that you guys will support me in my mission :)
:heart: Happy New year to all :heart: