9man turbo STT low stakes ($7-$15) study group or partner(s)

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      My main game right now is the 7 turbo STT SnGs on pokerstars, trying to build up a bankroll of 2,000 and maintain my VIP level are my goals right now without getting into specifics on how to do those things.

      These are my results so far filtered for single table tournaments only (1,141, $7 turbos, 25 $15 turbos, 4 $3.50 turbos and 68 $3.50 hyper turbos)

      As you can see things for the most part have been ok. I wouldn't say I have been CRUSHING the games but had been profitable at least, maintaining around 10% ROI in a little over 1100 $7 turbos.

      But then it hits about 1300 games and it looks like I fell asleep while 40 tabling and the graph goes into a free fall. I have read a lot about the variance in SnG's (especially turbos and hyper turbos) so I am not too disheartened but it is still frustrating to have such a downswing all at once (is one of this size small or big?)

      I have been losing a lot of coin flips and a lot of 70/30s, or running into pocket aces and kings what seems like every third time I shove, especially with the top of my range (of course lol). I don't really think I have made any negative changes to my game. I was expecting a big downswing at some time but I was expecting it to be slightly more gradual, is this pretty normal? Lately I have just been trying to play less and work on my game off the table more.

      Although I do blame variance for a significant portion of my results over the past 100 games or so (so.. many..coolers.. :f_mad: ) I am sure there are things I could add to my game or also things I could be doing better or maybe not doing at all that could have yielded better results over the whole sample.

      I think that having a group on skype or however we want to do it would be the best way for everyone involved to improve their games. So if anyone else would be interested in this please just comment on this or add me as a friend and send me a message. I play MTTs and some 180 man SnGs as well so I'd be open to working on other variants as well.

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