Hi Guys!

I’m developing a small app for track all the Time I spend on my “Poor and Sad Poker Life”.

Basically is like the excels you SHOULD use to track your games, but with a different Style.
  • Track your Cash Accounts, Banks, Paypals, Poker, etc…
  • Track your sessions and the time you spend on Grinding, Study and Other
  • Address Book and Accounts, for your players friends, nicknames in sites, skypes, telephones numbers, etc… in your Card you can put your passwords, etc..
  • Tips and Notes,
  • Etc..

I want to see if there are some interest in this project to compile and release the application to people.

So if I see some interest on it, I will make a stable version, this runs on Windows, Mac and even I can make a version for iPad or iPhone. So.. if you like it.. you can be ready to donate some coins for coffee!!

Here some screenshots, is in very early stage, I will be adding functions in the future.

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