Trash talking during Donk Fest

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      Haven't been on here for a while, but thought I should watch a few videos and read a few more articles!

      And join in the conversation....

      I am pretty chilled, seen enough bad beats to know that if I got it in good and get sucked out enough times, eventually my time will come.

      So my question to you is, have you ever been inspired by a trash talker?

      Recently, I played a $2.20 Donk fest satellite on 888 where the winner got a $160 satellite to XL Main event $1050 - a hyper aggressive, turbo MTT event.

      After a while I was getting abused in chat by a big stack player and I thought, F*** you, I am at least going to get some of your chips!

      That didn't happen for a while as I didn't tilt, but played (IMHO) good poker, but eventually I dominated the trash talker and eventually went on to win against a player who was shockingly bad at head-2-head!

      I wasn't expecting to win and afterwards wasn't sure why I bothered to enter, but his trash talking inspired me.

      Ever been inspired by trash talkers?


      P.S. You can't get tournament tickets on 888 so had to play the $160 satellite - 14 competitors, 2 tickets - won that as well! Roll on May 22nd!
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