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    • strat9
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      Just curious, what strategy would best apply to live games. For example, does the SnG strategy work for a live tourney 6-20 people where blinds go up every 1/2 hour, or is it better to apply the cash game startegy (i.e. - the SHC)?

      In general, how do the different NL strategies on here translate to live play?
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    • cannell555
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      Hi strat9,

      The articles on this site are for online play only. They are simply to tight for live games.

      You will only play 20-30 hands per hour, and if you only play premium hands it gets really boring. Then everyone knows your strategy and you wont get payed off, when you finally get a hand.

      There is a few Live poker articles, but not sure if they'll help.

      Best regards,
    • justkyle88
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      I play a load of live games around my local area and tight aggressive is the best form of play.
      but it's definitely all about how loose/tight passive/aggressive, how often they bluff, how often they use position to an advantage etc etc.

      So it's all about the player.
      A lot of players have no idea about pot odds and how much to bet.
      So if your a successful online player, use what you know to your advantage and don't think just because someone is a winning live game player that you should try and copy them.
      A lot of live players suck really bad.

      Like cannell said you are going to see a lot less hands in live play and will be playing against a lot of drunks.
      Be patience and keep your cool and you'll be able to pick them off.
    • Puciek
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      This is the part where books come into play because you must learn how those strategies were made, not only how to use them. Sklansky books cover cashgame area quite good (holdem theory and prictce ie.) as for tournaments then definitly HoHs.
      There are simply way too many unorthodox situations in rl poker to cover them with charts.