Solving Mental Game issues: Attachment to money

    • MisterSnS
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      Hey guys,

      I am wondering about your approach to the problem written in the title of this thread:

      For myself I realized now that I really gotta work on this. Whenever I have a winning day, especially a big one, I feel GREAT and everything is cool with me and the world. But as soon as I have a losing streak over a couple of thousand hands (I'm talking about cashgame) I lose confidence in me and my play, don't feel good anymore and shut down somehow in a way that I don't want to talk to anyone and play longer than I should to chase the "lost" money. In short: My mood is very dependent on the results I've got in poker.

      Now, the way I am approaching this issue right now is with a Mental Hand History (Tendler: TMGP 1) and I am trying to put my focus away from the results to the decisions I take at the table.

      But that's maybe not enough to solve this underlying issue. Therefore it would be great if everyone here who has/had the same problem solved it and how he/she did it. :)

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    • srna10
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      Hi SnS,

      Here is one solution and I suggest you read ALL TwiceT A's.
    • la55i
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      I had similar problems. I have only read TMGP 2 and I found it helpful. It gave different strategies/tools/workouts how to improve mental game. I really don't know at which point my problems sort of went away, or why did they disappear. All I know is that after reading TMGP 2 I was playing better and I understood that my tilting and emotions are useless, I knew how to overcome them and I played better poker.

      My mental problems weren't as bad as you described yours. Mine were mostly that I call too much and start playing my B or C game after a few losses or start spewing against fish. TMGP 2 helped me to learn and improve some spots in my game. I started again from NL2 and worked my way up.